Everything you need to know about DDoS

Hello reader, welcome back to another article! I hope you are doing fine. This article is about Cyber Security and specifically a type of cyber attack known as DDoS. Let’s get started.

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A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt made to take down a website, server or an application by overwhelming it with fake traffic. The attacker generally do not benefit anything from this type of attack. A DDoS attack can range from a simple act of mischief to a big-time downtime of an application resulting in loss to the business.

But, What actually is a DDoS attack?

To understand what a DDoS attack does, one must know how internet and web requests work. A simple web request consists of a client, HTTP protocols and a server. Client is the one who sends the request to a server over HTTP (or HTTPS) and the server is supposed to reply with relevant data (or response in this scenario).

How Does a DDoS Attack Work?

Small DDoS attacks usually start off by testing the limits of an online system (web-server or application). Some attacks are a series of malicious requests on vulnerable web endpoints (like search functions).

What is the goal of a DDoS attack?

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  • To entirely shut down an online system making it impossible for users to access it.

How much harm can it cause?

Talking about the integrity of a website, a DDoS attack doesn’t cause any harm to it. The sole purpose of this attack is to overload the resources of the website. However, a DDoS attack can be used as a way of asking for ransom from the owners as in blackmail or extortion. It can have other motives too like political, terrorist, business competition etc.

How to prevent DDoS Attacks?

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